Harvested By
Tanner L.
Date Harvested
October 25, 2017


Gear Used
 Ammo: Handloads with Hornady 162 GR SST,  Binoculars: Nikon,  Firearm: Custom Built 7mm,  GPS: OnXHunt iPhone,  Knife: Buck,  Rangefinder: Lica,  Scope: Leupold Optics: Leupold VX6,  Spotting Scope: Swarovski


By Wednesday we had only seen four elk in the area we were hunting and no bulls and we were about 30 minutes from heading home and coming back later. We were glassing and looked behind us about 3/4 mile or so away and see dust on a ridge. Thinking it could be elk taking off we went down and checked it out. Sure, enough when we got there we seen fresh elk sign. Then we heard a faint bugle in the bottom of the canyon, so off we bailed (with no water into the breaks=mistake). He only bugled twice more but we just kept slowly working the canyon and its finger draws figuring they wouldn’t go out of the canyon and into the open. A few hours later and being really thirsty from it being warm and breathing in ash and dust we spotted a few bedded. Probably another hour of trying to sneak in close we had them at 294 yards. We glassed for about five minutes and couldn’t find the bull. Being so thirsty and unprepared we knew we couldn’t wait them out. I also had a cow tag so decided to shoot a cow and be ready as we figured they won’t know where shot came from and that bull will probably show himself.

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